The Last of the White Pine Loggers
The first recording by the Wakami Wailers; a collection of traditional folk songs from the lumberjack winter camps of the late 19th century. Lush three-part harmonies, fiddle, acoustic guitars, and mandolin dominate the recording. Released in 1985.
"14 tracks that define the heroic, lonely and frequently dangerous lifestyle of logging."
"With jaunty rhythms and excellent vocal harmony, the Wailers have dug out some treasures of Canadian folk music from the archives and brought them to life." Northern Journey Online
1 The Lumbercamp Song [Lyrics]
2 The Badger Drive [Lyrics]
3 A Shantyman's Life [Lyrics]
4 Les Raftsmen [Lyrics]
5 Peter Emberley [Lyrics]
6 The Gatineau Girls [Lyrics]
7 Lost Jimmy Whelan/Julia Delany [Lyrics]
8 The Backwoodsman [Lyrics]
9 How We Got Up to the Woods Last Year [Lyrics]
10 Save Your Money When You're Young [Lyrics]
11 The Jam On Gerry's Rock [Lyrics & Chords]
12 The Winter Camp [Lyrics & Chords]
13 A Lumberjack's Legend
14 The Last of the White Pine Loggers [Lyrics]
Waltz With the Woods
The second recording by the Wakami Wailers; a salute to Canada's parks. Most of the 13 tracks are written by the band members and feature lots of fiddle, banjo, accordion, and three-part harmonies. Released in 1993.
"The Wakami Wailers hold Ontario's parks and their beauty responsible for both inspiration and solace... this record celebrates Ontario."
"Solid playing and earthy vocals"
Northern Journey Online
1 Log Driver's Waltz
2 John Dennison [Lyrics & Chords]
3 The Rivermen
5 The Castle of White Otter Lake
6 One Last Spike
7 Take This Land [Lyrics & Chords]
8 A Legend of Nanabozho
9 Land of the Silver Birch [Lyrics]
10 Run to the Bay
11 Shan's Song
12 White Lake Swamp Stomp
13 Waltz with the Woods [Lyrics & Chords]
River Through the Pines
The third recording by the Wakami Wailers, featuring 15 more songs from the lumberjack era. Released in 1999.
"Just as a pristine old-growth forest is treasured, the Wakami Wailers have aged well."
1 Jimmy Judge [Lyrics]
2 50,000 Lumberjacks [Lyrics]
3 The Town of Brandywine [Lyrics]
4 White Water [Lyrics]
5 Blue Mountain Lake [Lyrics & Chords]
6 The Frozen Logger [Lyrics]
7 Tickle Cove Pond [Lyrics]
8 Noble White Pine Tree
9 Hurry Up Harry [Lyrics]
10 The Shantyboys Alphabet [Lyrics]
11 Camp at Hoovers Lake
12 Little Brown Bulls
13 The Fairie Blonde [Lyrics]
13 The Farmer's Son and the Shanty Boy
13 The Little L'eau Pleine [Lyrics]
13 The Legend of the Dungarvon Whooper