Blue Mountain Lake
On the recording, we have a capo on the 3rd fret
Am G Come all of you fella’s where ere you may be Am G Am Come sit down awhile and listen to me Am G The truth I will tell you without a mistake Am C G Bout the rackets we had down in Blue Mountain Lake Am G Am Derry down down down derry down There’s the Sullivan Brothers and big Jimmy Lou And old Moose Gilbert and dandy Pat too As fine lot of fellah’s as ever was seen And they all worked for Griffin on township 19 Derry down down down derry down Bill Mitchell you know he kept our shanty As mean a damn man that you ever did see He laid round the shanty from morning til night If a man said a word he was ready to fight Derry down down down derry down One day before daylight Jim Lou he got mad Knocked the hell out of Mitchell and the boys was all glad His wife she stood there and the truth I will tell She was tickled to death to see Mitchell catch hell Derry down down down derry down Instrumental break And now me good fellas adieu to you all For Christmas is coming and I’m going to Glen Falls And when I get there I’ll go out on a spree For you know when I’ve money the devils in me Derry down down down derry down