How We Got Up to the Woods Last Year
Come all you boys who wish to hear How we got up to the woods last year. From Arnprior we set out With John Pratt to show us the route. To me rant-ana, fall the diddle da Rant and roar and drunk on the way. Oh into our buggy we jerked our boots, You know our teamster fed long oats, As through the town we rode along We all joined in to sing a song. Well don't you know we all felt big As we rode on a silver mounted rig. For Dacre town we hoisted sail, And they all thought we was the 'Prince Of Wales' Old Mills came down to welcome us in And handed round the wine and gin. The landlords treat went quickly round As we drank a toast to Dacre town. There was Albert Trapp and Jack McCann, You know he was our handy man. The rest of the crew you all do know, There was old John Pratt and Laderoute Joe. And then we all sat down to eat You know the foreman he said grace, And Albert Trapp thought it long to wait And Laderoute Joe shoved up his plate.